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the weekly fanfiction/OC fic challenge community's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
the weekly fanfiction/OC fic challenge community

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[01 Aug 2009|10:22pm]

[ mood | blah ]

Title: Long Time Coming
Prompt: “the heart of the wise is in the house of mourning, but the heart of fools is in the house of mirth.” Ecclesiastes 7:4 in 1hr or 500 words—whatever comes first. (10-5-05)
Notes: Scripps/Posner, History Boys futurefic. PG. 479 words.
Summary: He must be a fool, feeling a laugh bubble up in his belly at Posner’s cluelessness.

cut here for textCollapse )

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for Depression prompt [01 Dec 2008|10:41am]

I needed something else to write after NaNo (stuck on completing that story atm)

Title: untitled
Rating: it's going somewhere adult but isn't there yet, depressive
"The depressed person was in terrible and unceasing emotional pain, and the impossibility of sharing or articulating this pain was itself a component of the pain and a contributing factor in its essential horror."
- from The Depressed Person by David Foster Wallace.

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[23 Jul 2008|12:33am]

prompt: this
orig. fic.

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[08 Jun 2008|10:07pm]

title: kiss, sword, gun
author: lanyon
prompt: this quote | 50 minutes
summary: from mary renault's the charioteer; ralph is frustrated by how inarticulate he is at a pivotal moment. spoilers within.
disclaimer: ralph, laurie, alec & co are not my property. more's the pity.

(because if he is going down, these half-thoughts, these ugly, incoherent thoughts are going down with him)Collapse )
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[22 May 2008|03:24pm]

"The depressed person was in terrible and unceasing emotional pain, and the impossibility of sharing or articulating this pain was itself a component of the pain and a contributing factor in its essential horror."
- from The Depressed Person by David Foster Wallace.

There's a wealth of inspiration there, and you've got 50 minutes to do something with it.

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Prompt: There are so many ways to begin [21 May 2008|04:28am]

[ mood | crazy ]

Title: This is how I roll...
Rating: adult (not really, but just to be on the safe side)
Prompt: Starter line: "There are so many ways to begin" & an instance of indirect speech.
Notes: Just a snippet of something that came to me... this prompt kicked my ass.

This is how I roll | 304 wordsCollapse )

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This is my first. [16 May 2008|11:05pm]

[ mood | anxious ]

Title: The World That Is
Author: agirl_gonemad
Rating: PG-13 for implied violence
Prompt: There are so many ways to begin
Notes: This is from the Metalocalypse verse, but I doubt you would need to see the show (or even know what it is) to read it.

We are damned, yes.Collapse )

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"there are so many ways to begin" prompt. [15 May 2008|03:46pm]

Title: Ret-Con
Prompt: cues. “There are so many ways to begin” as the 1st line. (5/14/08)
Notes/Warnings: An intro to a project I’m beginning. Short.

when it begins, when it ends.Collapse )
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[14 May 2008|04:44pm]

As promised, a Wednesday Challenge.

There are so many ways to begin.

You can change the tense, but, apart from that, that should be the first line of your story. Also, I'd like the story to contain an instance of indirect speech - dialogue reported, but not actually heard in the text. No " ".

No time limit on this one. Give me war, give me life, give me joy, give me memoir, give me ends and starts.

Whatever you like.
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That Which Water Hates [12 May 2008|09:41pm]

[ mood | blank ]

Title: That Which Water Hates
Author: gnomeofsol
Rating: PG-13 for mostly implied violence
Prompt: Unreliable witnesses | 50 mins
Notes: Taealwhyn admits the details of the night her mother was murdered to Sdholhen, who may or may not be her father. I haven't posted anything from this 'verse here, but other excerpts from it can be found here under Aelphlond. For lanyon, who does her best to keep me honest.

The thing about curses is that they can have unintended side effects.Collapse )

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[09 May 2008|02:37am]

It's been a shitty couple of days. Your regular challenges will resume Wednesday of next week, guys. Thanks for your patience.
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title; the things that we once were / prompt: unreliable witnesses [02 May 2008|10:03pm]

title: the things that we once were
prompt: unreliable witnesses
summary: From the wildflowers in progress universe. Quinn gives up a little more of himself. A little.

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[02 May 2008|09:28pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

title: postcard
author: lanyon
prompt: unreliable witnesses | 50 mins
summary: a snapshot on byron matthews, photographer and flake. also featuring two of applegnat's characters, xavier fernandez-hayden and devin james.
disclaimer: our characters from the epic, expanded whisperback 'verse.
dedication: for my ludicrously talented co-author and for gnome. :x

his careful cursive, in inky fountain-pen blue, is not always derived from reality but the flourishes on his fs and ts make his hand-written fantasies as endearing as his wide brown eyes and guileless smiles | 479 wordsCollapse )

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[30 Apr 2008|11:29pm]

Man, Wednesday's come around so quickly around here, huh? This week's challenge is

Unreliable Witnesses.

Give me children, give me liars, give me history, give me art. Give me whatever you like, but give it me with at least three characters involved, however tangentially, and give it me in 50 minutes.
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much have been lost&found [25 Apr 2008|08:03pm]
Title: Threads
Author: citydancer
Prompt: Lost, found, magnificent things. One hour. (Used about fifty minutes. Managed to churn out a lot, though.)
Rating: R, sexy situations, some mention of lesbianism
Fandom: My own. It's a long, complicated one. Basically, it revolves around Ida, who can manipulate time. The poor people who orbit her gets dragged into her time-messes.
Notes: This first part is when Ida leaves Stockholm; her younger brother, Edmund, insults Miriam. The second part is Ida at the end. The third part is Embla, the mother of Ida and Edmund, remembering Andrew.

Some things will always happen . . . Some things were always meant to be.Collapse )
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Prompt: Lost, found, magnificent things... [25 Apr 2008|08:26am]

[ mood | cynical ]

Title: The Cave of Wonder
Author: redleathercouch
Rating: PG
Prompt: Lost, Found, Magnificent Things in under an hour.
Fandom: again, my own 'verse as in previous cues challenges
Notes: how to describe without describing... that's what I'm trying to learn here, a way of curbing my verbosity and turning it to something useful... I'd be interested in people's feedback on this, considering what's going on here is quite obscure. :)

The Cave of Wonder | 622 words | 60 minutesCollapse )

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[23 Apr 2008|11:42pm]

Thanks to a blatant misuse of telecommunications lanyon, I've been reminded that it is, in fact, Wednesday, which is, in fact, challenge day.

Here it is:

Lost, found, magnificent things.

Give me myths, buried treasure, rediscovered relationships. Give me whatever you like, and give it me in under an hour.
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XD [18 Apr 2008|10:59pm]

[ mood | amused ]

If this is too off-topic, let me know and I'll delete.

A friend of mine shared my bit for this challenge with a couple professors on our campus, a married couple--she's a Classics professor, and he, I think, has an English focus. He emailed me this in response, and I think he quite puts me to shame:

Only Laurence Pittenger would make this epic.Collapse )

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[18 Apr 2008|03:13pm]
Title: Springing From a Darkened Mind
Author: citydancer
Rating: PG-13-ish?
Prompt: "I had a dream last night", 40 minutes.
Fandom: Mass Effect.
Notes: Took me about 50 minutes. Female Shepard and Kaidan Alenko. Contains spoilers for the game.

All around me is a wasteland.Collapse )
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