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cues's Journal

the weekly fanfiction/OC fic challenge community
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Welcome to cues, the challenge community which is hoping to pick up where some excellent (and now, sadly, quiet) communities left off. Well, we will be doing our best, anyhow.

Since you're here, here are the rules as they stand, for the moderator is God (well...quieter and more geeky and probably shorter than GOD, but you know what I mean):

x There isn't a particular fandom that you should write for this community. Nor is it limited strictly to slash or, indeed, het. You can write anything, although, I would ask if you're going to write something that you know could squick or push buttons, you WARN people in a note. Please. I will enforce this one, because...not everyone likes to read everything. (And please, can we not have any of those cute and ambiguous Anime(?) terms? If it has rape undertones, tell us. If it has a participant who is (significantly) underage again, we'd like to know. Let's call a spade a spade, shall we?)

x There'll be a challenge every week on a WEDNESDAY. There is a time limit. Obviously, I won't know if you cheat. There are forces out there that will, and their wrath will be terrible.

x There is no rule about participating every week. You can take part or not take part as a challenge grabs you. Obviously, this is more fun if more people participate. I'm gonna ask that you not write BACK challenges (i.e go and grab a challenge from a previous week), until you've filled the challenge for that week. Any questions, you can get hold of me by email or at eudaimon pretty much any time of the day or night.

x As someone plagued by not quite accurate spelling, I know what a chore it is. STILL, it's nicer if your stories are grammatically pleasing. I get a nasty twitch when I'm bothered.

x IF you're writing fanfic (or, if it should arise, RPS of any description), I ask that you include some form of disclaimer in the header of your fic...you know, just in case...

x feedback makes you a better person. But seriously, it's nice to comment if you've read something (yes, I'm a comment whore. Most people are :b).

x Please don't make OT posts. I'm a nice person, but that bugs me.

x On that note, I really REALLY don't care for flamers. I'm English, we don't do that kind of thing, okay? You will be banned. I will not ask questions. Just so that we know.

you can direct any queries to myself, eudaimon